ProBiotic Digestive Enzymes

for Dogs, Cats, Fishes & Birds

Benefits of Enzymes

Good bacteria helps to promote the growth of healthy intestinal flora, which helps in diarrhea / mild dehydration & irritable bowel syndrome.

Helps in chronic skin infections (allergies, dermatitis, yeast & parasitic)

Helps in Oral diseases (gingivitis, periodontitis, tooth loss & halitosis)

Helps in Vaginitis in female dogs

Increases energy due to optimal absorption

Supports the immune system

Aids the absorption of vitamins and minerals from food

Promotes normal body weight without hunger cravings

Promotes respiratory health

Benefits for birds

Clear away undigested proteins, cleansing the lymph and blood

Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels and healthy circulation through arteries.

Helps reduce minor food sensitivities

Helps promote normal cell growth

Supports health teeth and gums

Promotes respiratory health

Reduce occasional bloating gas, heartburn, and constipation

Lessens skin irritation & excessive shedding

Helps remove toxins from the body

Promotes comfortable movement of joints

Benefits for fishes

Nutritional Facts

Protease25.63 mg/gm
Amylase45.14 mg/gm
Lipase1.25 mg/gm
Pancreatin23.90 mg
Distase6.24 mg
Bromelian4.33 mg
Phosphorous6.87 mg
Potassium62.61 mg
Calcium8.68 mg
Magnesium8.01 mg
Iron1.51 mg
Lactobacillus sporogenes 200000 per gm
Saccharomyces boulardii 10000 per gm

Ingredients: Fruit peels Jaggery & Water.

Contains No Preservatives Pesticides Sugar Colors
Billions of Lactobacillus Sporogenes
Rich in vitamins
Aids in Intestinal Flora

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