FAQ's about Mixed Fruit Enzymes

What are Probiotic Enzymes?

Enzymes are powerhouse for each every cell. They are essential for everything that goes on in the body, including digestion, circulation etc. your body uses enzymes to fight disease and inflammation and to slow down the aging process. Plus, enzymes can help you look good and live longer. They reduce stress on gastrointestinal mucosa, help maintain normal pH levels, detoxify the body, and promote the growth of healthy intestinal & colon flora.

Why should we consume Probiotic enzymes?

Enzymes are critical for life and living. In today’s complex and fast paced lifestyle, poor eating environmental pollution, we mostly consume processed, canned, fried, frozen, dried food, overcooked food, containing pesticides and in fast food. These foods are “enzyme dead’; leads to poor digestion and it interferes with nutrient breakdown, absorption and metabolism. This allows the toxins to remain in the body which accumulate and over stresses the body.

I have gas problem, will enzymes help me?

When we cannot digest the food that we eat, they being to putrefy, giving off carbon dioxide and methane. Enzymes break food down in smaller sizes, making them easier to digest and absorb the nutrients.

I stayed in US for fifteen years and now after shifting to India, I feel uneasiness and blotting after meals. Can this drink help me?

This Probiotic enzymes contain protease, lipase and amylase. Protease helps in digestion of proteins (such as beef, chicken, poultry or fish). Amylase breaks down carbohydrates (such as bread, pasta, sweets, potatoes). Lipase breaks down fats. They stimulate good bacteria in the gut, detoxify and cleanse the colon and therefore improve number of digestion related conditions.

I have had a by-pass surgery and have put stents in my heart, does this drink help in cardio vascular disease?

This drink contains Catalase, Bromelian and Trypsin, it is effective in the treatment of cardio vascular disease (includes disorder of blood vessels and heart, coronary heart disease, stroke, raised blood pressure, rheumatic heart disease, heart failure and congenital heart disease). It breaks down cholesterol plaques and dissolves blood clot. It is an inhibitor of blood platelet aggregation, thus minimizing the risk of arterial thrombosis and emblism.

Is this drink helpful for arthritis?

This drink has trypsin and bromelian, which helps to fights arthritis and other degenerative bone and joint disease (including rheumatoid and gouty arthritis)

My mother immunity is low, she constantly has cough and cold. Can she have this and see the improvement?

This contains trypsin & superoxide dismutase, one of the potent antioxidant enzymes. It bolsters the immune system, uncovers the membranes of antigens (such as virus and bacteria) and assists your body in better identifying an attacking these antigens, and helps break up antigen and antibody complexes, improves antibiotic absorption.

I play football regularly and due to heavy sweating, I am prone to rashes and sports injury, will these enzymes be of any use to me?

Yes this enzyme will be very useful to you, apply topically to treat skin conditions like rashes or any skin infections. This daily dosage will speed up the recovery from injuries resulting from sprains, strains, fractures, bruises, tendonitis and reduces swelling.

My husband’s work requires frequent travelling, he has low sugar, can he take this drink?

This drink has trypsin, which helps in diabetes management both in case of high and low sugar.

What is the meaning of lactobacillus sporogenes and is it good for daily consumption?

Lactobacillus sporogenes are live beneficial micro organisms and confers health benefits to the host. They are stable and can withstand the acidic environment of the stomach. They are effective in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders like inflammatory bowl disease, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea and constipation. They reduce stress on gastrointestinal mucosa, help maintain normal pH levels, detoxify the body, and promote the growth of healthy intestinal flora and flora in the colon. They reduce the risk of cancer.

How much is 1 ml dosage? Do we need to refrigerate?

It is quarter of a teaspoon. Best kept at room temperature away from direct sunlight. Shake well before consumption.

I ordered 2 bottles but there was a differences in color of both the bottles, why was it so?

These enzymes are made with fruits and honey, which is given to us by nature and it matures over a period of time with fermentation, so the color of each batch may be different. We do not add any color or preservatives to make each bottle look identical, unlike commercial drinks.

What is the shelf life of this drink?

Since it’s a natural probiotic drink, there is no shelf life for it and it gets better with age, but under food regulation laws we have to mention five years. But in reality it never expires.

Is it suitable for infants, pregnant women and old age people?

Yes, it’s suitable for infants, you can give 1ml twice a week. It’s very good for pregnant women. They can have it twice a week as well. Old age group, this drink is a must since their digestion and metabolism is low, this daily drink will really help them to stay health.

For how long should one take it for?

You can take it daily and make it a part of your diet.