FAQ's about Multi Purpose Enzymes

Is this product used for all types of skin and hair, like oily and dry?

This product is useful for all type of skin because it balances the pH level and balances the production of sebum which prevents your skin and hair from becoming to oily or too dry. Dilute your cream and shampoo with multi purpose (MP) enzymes and water, and use as desired for best results. It has a cooling effect on your head and skin.

I have an acne problem, can I use this product, will it be helpful?

This product has potent antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral substance and is capable of keeping bacteria at bay and pimples from forming. You can apply it directly on the acne twice daily for best results.

I have dry and dull skin, due to the daily distance commuting and harsh pollution, will this product be of any use?

Use MP enzymes as face astringent twice daily, take 5ml of MP enzymes with two tablespoon of water and dab on your face and rinse after 20 min. this will stimulate freshness and will give oxygen to the cells. Dilute it with your face cream and water and use it as a face moisturizer. Try for 3 months and see a huge visible difference, healthy and glowing skin.

I use anti-aging cream, so how can I use this product?

Multi purpose enzymes removes dead skin , ensuring healthy and vibrant skin, it minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, you can dilute your anti aging cream with MP enzymes and water, use as desired for best results.

I have oily skin and never apply cream, so how do I use this product?

You could use it as face astringent, take 5ml of MP enzymes with two tablespoon of water and dab on your face and rinse after 20 min. this will stimulate freshness and will give oxygen to the cells.

My hair is dry and have hair fall problem, will this product help?

MP enzymes stimulates blood circulation to the hair follicles, it is vital for hair growth and prevents hair loss. It reduces split end and breakages. It balances pH level and ensures healthy hair. You can dilute your shampoo with MP enzymes and water and use as desired. You can also use it as a hair rinse, mix 1 teaspoon MP enzymes with 3 tablespoon water, apply it in the head and hair, rinse after 20 minutes.

How can one product be used for so many different things which are not even related like moping your floor and washing your hair?

MP enzymes is made with organic fruit peels has natural live, good and friendly micro organisms like lactobacillus sporogenes and is enriched with lot of vitamins and minerals which is extremely good for skin and hair. It has potent anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral substance which can be used for number of domestic chores, like pesticide removal, moping floor, for making air freshener. It is a natural cleanser, it adds good vibration and oxygen to your house.

Can we use it in the kitchen to remove pesticides from the fruits and vegetables?

Yes, wash and soak your fruits and vegetables for 20 min, in water with 1 tablespoon enzymes. Removing harmful pesticide residues, greatly improves your health.

Does this product have any side effects?

There is no side effect, as multi purpose (MP) enzymes is made with organic peels and has natural, live, good and friendly microorganisms like lactobacillus sporogenes which is extremely good for skin and hair.

I have skin rashes it itches a lot, can I try this MP enzymes?

MP enzymes can be used for any types of skin ailments including infections, burns, warts, corns, psoriasis, pigmentation etc. apply directly on the affected area twice daily, and keep it for 15 mins and wash.

How does it prevent from harmful radiation of computers and mobiles?

Keep MP enzymes in very small containers and keep it in close vicinity of these equipments and discard after 3 months.