100% Organic Multi use Home, Kitchen, Laundry & Car Cleaner

Benefits of Enzymes

Keep Our Homes Clean: Add 2 table spoon of Health Potion in the floor cleaning water, it will clean the floor and kill bacteria. It adds good vibration and oxygen to the house.

Washing machine (clean and soften laundry) 20- 50ml Health Potion, Soak and wash clothes, can reduce the detergent, and will make the washing procedure easy and soften the clothes.

Toilet bowl (prevent blockage & purify sewage, destroy harmful bacteria) 250 ml. Repels mosquito, cockroach and rats Pour and flush.

Toilet cistern (purify water) 20-50ml (two caps) 2- 3 times in a week.

Car care: Add 30ml (2 tbsp) enzyme to water box to reduce car temperature will cool down the engine, lengthen the car usage, spray inside the car will neutralize bad odour.

Garden pond & water tank (purify water)1 litre enzymes to 10,000 litre water. Add occasionally

Leather sofa (clean mould or stain) Spray appropriate amount and wipe it, it cleans and nourishes the leather. Repeat every 10 days.

Carpet, mats and shoes (deodorize & antiseptic) Slightly moist it, spray 1-2 times/month

Pet excretion, pet house (deodorize & antiseptic) Spray appropriate amount occasionally,this will neutralize pet odour and make your pet grow healthy, even have good growing hair.

Kitchen utensil, mix 20 ml Health Potion on 200 ml water with 20 ml cleaning agent in a container.

Health Potion Organic Multi purpose Cleaner for Kitchen, Car, Laundry 500ml

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