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Benefits of Enzymes

When mixed with the face cream and shampoo, it neutralizes the chemical content in it.

It helps to balance pH level of your skin & scalp and prevents it, from becoming too oily or too dry by balancing the production of sebum.

It is potent anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-oxidant & anti- inflammatory properties, capable of keeping bacteria at bay & pimples from forming and also it helps in cleansing dandruff from your scalp while restoring the scalp's hydration

Use to deeply clean pores and minimize appearance of blackheads, scars, age spots & dark under eye circles.

Any skin ailments including infections, burns, warts, corns, psoriasis, pigmentation etc apply directly in the affected area & keep it for 10 min twice daily.

It stimulates better blood circulation to the hair follicles it is vital for hair growth & preventing hair loss. It reduces split ends and breakage.

It offers a cooling relief to dry, itchy, and irritated scalps while refreshing, moisturizing and rebalancing your scalp.

It restores colour, strength, texture, and shine to your porous hair.

It contains alpha hydroxy acids which removes dead skin & ensuring healthy & vibrant skin.

Nutritional Facts

Phosphorous6.87 mg
Potassium62.61 mg
Calcium8.68 mg
Magnesium8.01 mg
Iron1.51 mg
Lactobacillus Sporogenes200000 per gm
Bromelian4.33 mg
Choline2.43 mg

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